Jayden’s interests.

The following topics are things I am currently interested in, there is much more but lets start here.

Raspberry Pi

I have created many of my own gadgets thus far, utilizing raspberry pi. From a 4 Pi mico computing stack which emulates a development environment, an arcade machine emulator, internet enabled garage door opener and status, to a plant monitoring and watering system.

Puppet Automation

I have performed significant configuration management, with continous automation with Puppet being the integral player. This has been a fun process, and I am always learning new things.
I have met the author, and CEO of PuppetLabs personally.

Technology in general

Technology has played a huge role in our lives, being able to experience the atari 2600, and the 1985 Nintendo. Being online during early years of the internet, where netscape navigator was king, with tcp winsock, and tucows, Having developed a career in the very technology I have been passionate about all my life. .